sneak peeks | kelsey + bryan's modern gray wedding at frederick douglass

One look at these two together and your heart just melts! The vibrant, contagious smiles on both of their faces stayed there all day; we couldn’t have been happier to be a part of Kelsey + Bryan’s modern waterfront wedding at Frederick Douglass Isaac Myers Maritime Park in Baltimore, one of the city’s oldest existing waterfront industrial buildings.


To say their day was perfect is an understatement! Here are 7 reasons why this September wedding is one I’ll want to repeat over and over:

  1. dramatic clouds with no precipitation, no squinting and no harsh shadows; we had our pick of portrait locations because the clouds provided such even light

  2. a gentle breeze coming off the harbor as they recited their vows on a historic pier between two absolutely stunning sailboats, Lady Maryland and Sigsbee

  3. family that traveled from across the country and the pond to witness the beginning of their marriage together (some had never been to a big city like Baltimore!)

  4. a wedding party that helped us run ahead of schedule the entire time which rarely happens and made me so happy for them and the endless amount of photos we were able to take… my favorite of the day was when we found scooters right in front of the metal doors at Frederick Douglass and this too-cute-for-words couple, hopped on for a photo like it was their JOB!

  5. the ice cream sandwich bar with cookies made by the groom’s mom and ice cream by Taharka Bros… we won’t talk about the mini donut burger appetizers that Copper Kitchen provided during cocktail hour (!)

  6. the bride’s dad built wooden lanterns that were the perfect ceremony and cocktail hour decor filled with eucalyptus, greenery and anemones.

  7. and if all of that wasn’t enough, guests enjoyed a prime view of fireworks across the harbor from the dance floor during the reception (that were completely unexpected and a happy accident, thanks to Fort McHenry’s Defenders Day)!


We are so happy and honored to have gotten to know you two over the last year and hope you have the most memorable and relaxing honeymoon in Key West! Here’s hoping they can make you a Camden Crush to sip on the beach!! ;) Cheers to the new, #marriedmacks!

shoutout to the incredible vendor team!

venue: Frederick Douglass Isaac Myers Maritime Park
florist: Bay Blossoms
DJ: Paul Parrinello
Officiant: Rev. Lauren Muratore
catering: Copper Kitchen
dessert: Taharka Bros. Ice Cream + cookies by groom’s mom
hair: Allison Harper & Co
makeup: Swept LLC
wedding dress: Casablanca
dress boutique: Savvi
groomsmen attire: The Black Tux
groomsmen accessories: The Tie Bar
invitations: Etsy + couple DIY
reception decor: Event Dynamics
transportation: Apollo Transportation

5 tips for a stress-free wedding day

No matter how intimate or lowkey your wedding day plans are, if you’re planning a party and celebration with family/friends from many different seasons of your life, it has the potential to be a stressful, whirlwind experience.


After photographing weddings for the last 7 years, I’ve seen the day organized in so many different ways to learn what works best and what adds stress. In order to ensure your photos and your experience on the big day is the best it can possibly be, I’m happy to share the knowledge I’ve gained for your benefit.


Here are five tips to reduce stress on your wedding day (in no particular order)!

BONUS: if you hire experienced professionals, even the wedding planning process will go more smoothly with these tips for a stress free wedding day in mind!

  1. be strategic about your ceremony start time since it will determine the flow of the rest of the day

If you plan it well, you can have beautiful portraits of the two of you together while you’re relaxed and excited, not feeling rushed and your hair and makeup is still fresh by choosing to see each other before the ceremony and take advantage of all the benefits of a first look. Not only is it quiet, uninterrupted time for just the two of you, but then you can enjoy the entire cocktail hour since you’ve paid for it and deserve to enjoy a drink and apps with your guests! We’ll also be able to focus on alllll the candid photos of you two (and your guests) since the formal portraits have been taken care of: WIN-WIN!

Also, if all of your formal portraits are done before cocktail hour, we can spend quality time in your reception space capturing all of those details (florals, place-settings, cake, escort cards) that will be untouched by guests and their stuff before they find their seats.

For all of our winter couples, please keep this in mind! It’s almost impossible to get gorgeous naturally lit photos of you after the ceremony (if you don’t do a first look beforehand) unless your ceremony starts super early in the day - which means an earlier wake up call and start time for hair/makeup, since the sun sets so early.

2. TRUST your photographer and the creative eye that comes with their experience

…and talk through your vision of the day to help you determine the right kind and amount of photography coverage you need!

Do you need 2 photographers?
Generally speaking, if you and your partner are going to be getting ready at 2 completely different locations, you’ll want 2 photographers otherwise moments may be missed while we’re with your other half.

If you have a large bridal party and/or guest list (120+), you’ll want 2 photographers so we can divide and conquer groomsmen/bridesmaid group portraits and then be sure once the reception begins, that one of us is able to focus on candid shots of guests mingling, reacting to speeches/toasts, dancing, etc. while the other is focused on YOU as a couple and the details you’ve spent so long dreaming of and planning for.

Will 8 hours be enough?
9 hours of coverage is the sweet spot for most couples, especially if your wedding takes place in a city where traffic, road closures, races, festivals can/will happen without advanced notice as we travel from the ceremony to reception!

Do you have a special exit planned for the end of the night? …sparklers, a getaway vehicle, petal toss, beach balls, confetti/streamers, glow sticks are all fun options!

Do you have 2-3 locations that we’ll need to travel to throughout the day? ie: getting ready at a hotel/airBnB/your childhood home, a church/beach/park ceremony then a reception at a different venue?

3. The venue coordinator is NOT the same as an experienced and professional event designer / wedding planner

Hire a professional event planner/coordinator who has your vision and best interests in mind, not the venue’s (and let that close family friend enjoy the day as a guest, despite how much she may enjoy helping you plan and is great at wrangling people)!

If they’ve worked at your venue it’s a bonus, but definitely not necessary. What is necessary is professionalism, good communication skills, and a knowledge of local vendors within the industry that can execute your vision or come through in an emergency. If a planner/coordinator is involved, you may not even know that something happened until you learn about it while on your honeymoon ;) but can you imagine how stressful it will be for you or your family members to troubleshoot if your DJ / officiant / caterer doesn’t show up on time? what if a groomsmen’s pants don’t match the rest of the group and/or 1 set is missing? what if boutonnieres are left at the hotel 45 minutes away? what if there’s a sudden flood / snowstorm? what if the shuttle gets lost and isn’t there on time to transport you, your wedding party and/or all of your guests?

Having a planner on your side means it’s THEIR job to worry and solve any and all of the above circumstances!

4. As much as possible, limit how often people are moving from one venue/site to another

This affects logistics like the amount of time your photographer/videographer are contracted for, extra costs for shuttles/transportation, clear communication to your guests to ensure no one gets lost or arrives late. Couples that choose one site for everything to take place from start to finish are always less stressed and have more time and mental / physical energy to enjoy the day… not to mention, you’ll have more photos of all the moments since your photographers won’t be spending precious time traveling from one place to another either!

5. Do the damn photos… as in, take advantage of and enjoy the time you spend on your engagement photos

I know I’m biased, but I have to say, no one I’ve worked with has ever regretted taking engagement photos. You can read the 6 main reasons why I recommend them HERE, but the reason I mention it as a way to make your wedding day less stressful is because there are so many emotions, thoughts, logistics and personalities coming together that day - the last thing you want to worry about is how to relax and be comfortable in front of the camera. No one should meet the person documenting one of the biggest days of their lives (hopefully it’s me!) for the first time, on their wedding day. In fact, my favorite photos happen when we have a relationship that feels like I’m a friend of yours who happens to show up with a fancy camera. ;) Let all the awkwardness work itself out during your engagement photos, not on your #bestdayever.


Regardless of the flowers, dessert and music, at the end of the day, you’re marrying your soulmate and that is all there is to it. The next day you’ll wake up with a whole new adventure in front of you whether it’s a honeymoon, a new house, a new last name, a new family or simply knowing you’ll always have someone to snuggle next to on the couch while you watch Dateline on Friday nights, because you know, #dontwatchalone. ;)


katie + zach | a bmore licks + fells point engagement

When I first spoke to Katie and Zach, one word kept coming up in the conversation: relational. In all honesty, I’d never heard one of my couples use that word as often as they did. After learning how Zach proposed to Katie, hearing how they finish each other’s sentences, and watching them interact together as we started at Bmore Licks for their engagement session, I immediately got it…


Their upcoming wedding at Rosewood Farms is going to be quite the celebration - after you read more about these two lovebirds below, you’ll understand why!


4 reasons why these Fells Point / Patterson Park locations were so meaningful for Katie + Zach’s Baltimore engagement session:

  1. Ice cream with rainbow sprinkles (Katie’s favorite ice cream topping) was part of Zach’s proposal scavenger hunt which started and ended in Fells Point…

  2. Zach proposed to Katie on the same bench we ended at on Bond Street Pier in Fells Point

  3. It’s their favorite way to spend a Friday night: with a walk by the water, ice cream and cuddles. But Katie also added, “as long as … our two future golden retrievers are there”. (#urbanrowpup love at its best)

  4. This last fact has nothing to do with where we took their engagement photos, but has everything to do with how thoughtful Zach is. He designed and created the wooden ring box he presented to Katie WITH her Dad’s help since he is an incredible woodworker and it was something they could bond over and create together, leading up to the proposal.


Katie radiates joy and Zach described it perfectly: “When Katie smiles, she smiles so much that her eyes close shut.” I believe that they’re both incredibly relational as they highly value thoughtful, meaningful moments and gestures in their relationship and it’s apparent as soon as soon as you are around them.


In Zach’s words, how they met:

“We met early on in college at Johns Hopkins. Katie was the star point guard on the basketball team and I rode the bench on the football team (kidding, sort of). Needless to say, I definitely noticed Katie first. We were both a part of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at Hopkins, and I distinctly remember telling a buddy of mine “she’s my kind of girl”. I was drawn to Katie from the very first moment.


One night while at dinner with FCA, Katie mentioned that she likes to bring a cupcake to friends for their birthdays. I jokingly (read: pleadingly) asked her if she would do the same for me. Katie, being the sweet, relational person that she is, agreed. She was pretty surprised to learn that my birthday was in fact the very next day! I think the fact that Katie actually brought me one the next day is more of a testament to the person she is than any interest she had in me at the time. Needless to say, I like to think it all started with a cupcake.


…during finals week, she let me meet up with her and walk her home from the library every night. I even surprised her with her own cupcake on her birthday. Finally, we went on a few more dates!”


In Katie’s words, how the proposal unfolded:

“Zach made the decision at the end of his third year of medical school to take a year off so that we would be in the same class and would be eligible to apply for a couples match for residency. It was since we made that decision that I knew I wanted to marry this man and he later asked me to marry him in the most perfect proposal ever: a scavenger hunt to all of our favorite places in the city.


[By the end] I was so stinking excited that all I wanted to do was finally see Zach. I was then given the last clue that sent me back down to Fells Point, to a particular park bench overlooking the harbor that Zach and I have sat and talked at many times. Only tonight, our favorite park bench was decorated with jars of lights and looked even more perfect. It was there that Zach got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and with a great big smile on my face, I said “YES”. We had a few minutes to ourselves to just soak in the moment, walking around by the water before finding our hidden photographer who had captured the whole thing. After that, Zach and I went to a nearby bar where so many of our friends, as well as Zach’s family were gathered, many of whom had traveled many hours to celebrate with us. As Zach mentioned, I am a pretty relational person so it meant so much to me that Zach incorporated not only so many of my favorite things, but also so many of our favorite people in the proposal. All I can say is that he set the bar pretty high for himself for any future anniversary or celebration.”


I have loved getting to know you both so far and admire how heartfelt your relationship is. I already have tissues ready and waiting for your wedding day because I know I’m going to be crying all the happy tears throughout the day as you become husband and wife and never have to say goodbye on a Sunday again… I can. not. wait. for your spring wedding at Rosewood Farms!!!


sneak peeks | rachel + hale's kent island wedding at maria's love point

Rachel + Hale’s wedding was my first on Kent Island and wow… it set the bar as high as you can imagine. Between the picture perfect June wedding weather, a private first look on the beach, a ceremony full of so many family and friends out on the lawn, a poolside cocktail hour and sunset photos on the dock, I really don’t think they could have asked for a better day (and location) to celebrate their love!


To give you a taste of what makes this adoring couple so special, here’s how they answered… “what's your favorite thing about your fiancé?”

“I don’t know where to start with this question. If there weren’t a million reasons, we wouldn’t be engaged. Hale is my support, my reason to better myself, and my other half. We fill the gaps that the other cannot on a day-to-day basis. He is intelligent, kind almost to excess, and has a super power that gets people to open up to him where they normally wouldn’t. We each need each other.”

Hale’s answer: “I’m not allowed to answer that right now. It’s pretty much my vows word for word. I agree with everything Rachel said. :)”


Their father daughter first look and his expression was simply priceless! Such pride…


I’ll never forget how Rachel responded when we said to just enjoy each other and this moment, right before he saw her for the first time… “you won’t have a problem getting us to smile…”

Is their joy and love for each other not the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen?! She was absolutely right though… these lovebirds just wanted to snuggle up, get cozy and enjoy every minute of their wedding day, together. Which is exactly what I love about our couples! Photos are a huge priority. Rather than focus on the details and mingling during cocktail hour, Rachel + Hale prioritized portraits: of them, their families and their friends, out by the water.


Do you see this sky?! Cotton candy skies at golden hour are my FAVORITE. I couldn’t believe how perfect the light was! Not only at the dock but then turning the opposite direction, the pale peachy glow along the rocks and grassy hill was just as beautiful too. Weddings at Maria’s Love Point are so picturesque with so many different places to explore for portraits. It was a match made in heaven for a couple that wanted nothing more than intimate, heartfelt meaning to their day.


When Rachel’s sister, the Maid of Honor, surprised them with the shoe game as part of her speech, the whole tent was roaring in laughter. They had the best matching answers, every time and of course both answered “me!” to the question of who loves the other most.


Here’s to a lifetime of love, laughter, and exploring all the medieval castles together! Congratulations again, newlyweds!!!

vendor team:

venue: Maria’s Love Point Bed & Breakfast
planning + design: The Otherside Creatives
hair: Lauren Riesett
makeup: Attomic Cupcake
cake: Sugarbakers Cakes
catering: Windows on the Bay, Dennis Walz
DJ: My Deejay
florals: Petal Pusher
officiant: Carole Kerr

BRIDES: 3 important details to have with you at your wedding

Over the years of capturing countless weddings, I’ve noticed 3 things that come up time and time again that are small on their own but can make a big difference in your photos, your physical comfort and even your mindset that day.

Brides, here are 3 important things to have with you on your wedding day that you may not have thought of… (ps - a blog post specifically for grooms is coming soon!)

  1. A second pair of shoes to wear

    This allows you to have your fancy (high heeled!) shoes captured in detail photos and worn during the ceremony but then change into a more comfortable flat or wedge for portrait time and dancing…

    Speaking of shoes, if your ceremony is outside and you’ll be walking down a grassy aisle with you or your ‘maids wearing heels, make sure to get heel protectors so you don’t sink in the grass!


Sparkly Badgley Mischkas or any of Kate Spade’s wedding shoes are always a classic way to go!


2. A nice hanger or a thoughtful way to display your dress if it’s more than 1 piece

I always bring a solid white wood hanger with me for your dress in case you don't have one, but use this as a fun excuse for something your friends or family can gift you that will definitely be captured in detail photos!

I’m LOVING these simple, solid gold (or rose gold) hangers and in gun metal for the guys!


3. Knowledge of how the bustle of your dress works

Pro tip: Take a video of it while at your last dress fitting so you have a reference when it comes time to bustle it after the ceremony; you won't want to be away from your guests for 20 minutes trying to figure it out and remember how it works - who wants to miss that precious time at cocktail hour?!

The best bustle I've ever seen was done so intuitively: the seamstress color coded the loops and buttons that were supposed to be matched and connected together so it only took 3 seconds to do. Why aren’t they all done like that?!


And what NOT to have with you…

  • a hair band / FitBit / AppleWatch on you or your bridesmaids wrists. This dark black line/square distracts from the beauty of your photos and time/steps are not what you should be worrying about on that day! (…this also applies during your engagement photos and maybe even more so, then)

  • Your phone. It goes without saying (I hope), but this is the one day EVERYONE else will document for you... and instead of a device, you should be present and either hold your spouse's hand, a drink or your bouquet. ;)

Hope this helps ensure your best day ever is that much more comfortable, beautiful and easy to manage in the final weeks leading up to the big day!

sneak peeks | ashley + greg's classic sagamore pendry wedding

Ashley + Greg’s Sagamore Pendry wedding in the heart of Fells Point will be filed under what wedding dreams are made of and then some... hearing this incredible couple keep saying ‘this is honestly better than we could have ever asked for’ made an already GORGEOUS day into one that I don’t know how we’re going to top!!!

It’s hard for me to put into words how wonderful these two are together as a couple but also as individuals that compliment each other and create a perfect balance of modern, playful love, genuine happiness and honest connection.


While it was our first time capturing a Pendry wedding (…and ready to go back in a heartbeat!), we’ve worked with the Lemon & Lime Event Design team numerous times over the years and each and every time, the timeline runs like clockwork, we get to have fun as part of a creative and collaborative team and our couples are relaxed, happy and completely overjoyed. All of that translates to epic photos… especially when it’s 75 degrees outside on the last Saturday in March and the sun, wind + clouds play together perfectly timed for portraits on the pool deck, pier and balcony.


The red carpeted grand staircase was literally made for moments like this…!

I love both of these photos on their own but also since the sequence shows the value in having the perspective of 2 photographers capturing the same moment. They both tell very different stories of Greg’s first look at Ashley and I personally, can’t pick a favorite.


From happy tears streaming down cheeks within a glowing courtyard to vows that included how Ashley will still never fold her laundry (I’m with ya, girl!) to a ceremony processional with cheers of joy surrounded by their best family and friends… truly magical in every sense of the word.


Cheers to you both!!! We couldn’t be happier and more honored to have captured the start of your married life together! We’ll just be right here reliving this day over and over until we see you again!


Team of Wedding Professionals

venue: Sagamore Pendry Baltimore
planning + design: Lemon + Lime Event Design
photography: Urban Row Photography
florist: Flowers & Fancies
DJ: Mixing Maryland DJs
hair + makeup: Up Do’s for I Do’s
officiant: Patrick of Elegant Ceremonies
lighting + lounge furniture: Event Pro
rentals + linens: Select Event Group
wedding gown: Essence of Australia
dress boutique + veil: The Bridal Boutique
bridesmaids dresses, ties + pocket squares: Azazie
shoes: Betsey Johnson
groom + groomsmen attire: Menguin
wedding bands: Zales + Kay Jewelers
cake: Sugar Bakers Cakes
invitation: Minted

lauren + matt | industrial garden wedding at the Accelerator Space

Lauren and Matt are such a fun-loving and creative, happy couple that it was no surprise to me that they wanted to celebrate their love of Baltimore and their neighborhood as much as possible on the day of their wedding! They had their first look at the rowhouse they owned less than a block from Patterson Park (and one street over from where Anthony and I used to live!)… you may remember their engagement photos we did in Patterson Park and Fells Point; to this day, I’m still obsessed with Lauren’s vibrant and carefree colorful dress paired with a denim jacket and mustard heels.

I’ll never forget the first time we met at R House; we bonded over a love of being outside, city life, upstate NY travel and rowhouse renovation stories. I was so excited to see their Baltimore wedding come together celebrating so many local, talented vendors and Lauren’s love of flowers and a garden-inspired aesthetic to soften the structure of their industrial chic wedding venue!


Lauren wore 2 BHLDN gowns throughout the day and 3 different pairs of shoes (the Rifle Paper Co x Keds were my favorite!). The vintage suitcase she used to hold all of her details as she gathered them throughout the wedding planning process was a gift from a family member that was so functional and beautiful, we had to feature it in her getting ready photos!


Want to know a huge bonus to getting ready at your house? The ability to easily include your dog! Penny, their sweet little pup got to be a part of the photos and even, their first look!


Matt and his groomsmen treated themselves to a day at the Pendry while they got ready there. The courtyard is all sorts of groomsmen goals…!! That architecture and dark steel softened by the lush greenery…


Quite possibly my favorite first look ever.


When you live steps from Patterson Park, portraits in the park are a must do. The bouquet from Lucky Penny Floral Co. had just the right touch of blue with an incredible texture and shape to it!


I loved how they changed up the order of their day to allow for time to mingle with their guests BEFORE the ceremony. Yes, cocktail hour preceded the ceremony at the Accelerator Space! Hint, hint… more couples should do this! It was such a fun, casual way to allow the bride and groom to interact with their guests before the actual formal events started. Notice Lauren’s second dress and pair of shoes of the day! How cute, sparkly and festive is it with her earrings from J’Adorn Designs and that clutch and signature cocktail!??!


The reception details and tablescape elements were all handmade by Lauren (menus, favors) and the ceremony backdrop was designed and installed/hung by Matt, an engineer.

They danced the night away with the help of Bachelor Boys Band after enjoying a local meal by Tablefield Catering, Taste this Cake and Pietime, all vendors at Bmore Kitchen, the food incubator directly below the Accelerator Space.


Cheers to you, adorable lovebirds!! We are so honored to have been part of your wedding and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both!


Vendor Team
venue: Accelerator Space
florist: Lucky Penny Floral
wedding gown: Catherine Deane
dress boutique: BHLDN Georgetown
veil: Noon on the Moon
shoes: Blue by Betsey Johnson, Keds x Rifle Paper Co
bridesmaid dresses: Azazie
earrings: J’Adorn Designs
rings: Nelson Coleman Jewelers
hair / makeup: Haute on Wheels
groom + groomsmen attire: Indochino
caterer: Tablefield Catering
dessert: Taste This Cake + Pietime
band: Bachelor Boys Band
invitations: Wedding Paper Divas
favors / centerpieces / reception decor: Lauren, the bride ;)
transportation: Martin’s Sedan and Limo Service

unique and fun ways to personalize your wedding day

If there’s one thing I constantly hear from couples it’s that they want their wedding to be fun, memorable and a great experience for their guests who are traveling far and wide to celebrate their relationship…

But you know what I hear just as often that makes me even more excited for what’s to come in this industry? NON-TRADITIONAL details, elements, approaches and experiences making their way into wedding days like never before. HECK to the YES, PLEASE!!

Notice the custom hanging metal sculpture behind Megan + Chris below!? A super talented metalworker friend designed and fabricated it for them! *note to self: brainstorm how to incorporate friends talents…*


There are so many great ways to personalize your wedding and ensure stunning and sophisticated photos. Here are just a few of the favorites we’ve seen in 2018 paired together as opposites to show you all the creative ideas out there… if there’s one thing I’m all about, it’s visual inspiration! Some bright, bold and vibrant, others moody, monochromatic and minimalist… ALL beautiful and part of the story of your best day ever!!

Let’s begin with where it officially starts for you, the RING! So many choices to hold your precious diamond… are you a Kate Spade lover? Or a Mrs. Box collector (so many colors to choose from!)? Or something with more of a handmade, textured feel?


Which pup has the best style?! ;) 1000% YES to having your dog at your wedding! Furever & Fur Always is a great resource for all of your wedding day doggie care needs!


Are you envisioning blush floral print dresses for your girls (BHLDN/Jenny Yoo style) or more moody jewel-tones with some sparkle and beading? Maybe cool blue/green tone variations or preppy striped navy bridesmaid dresses?! Either way, mix and match looks have my heart!


The grooms and their guys have definitely been stepping up their style game too! Most popular continues to be gray and navy suits…


I can’t help but love slate blue suits as well, especially against an industrial backdrop like this metal wall at the Accelerator Space! This combo of light blue ties for the guys with a floral tie for the groom is making me swoon… or are you team black tie with classic black tuxes and bowties like Miles and his men?

What about fun custom shirts for your squad? Loving the preppy look of personalized pajamas and monogrammed floral robes!


Florals… aka I never met a bouquet I didn’t love. What’s your favorite when it comes to flowers? Do you love a certain style or shape of bouquet?


Speaking of flowers and greenery… what kind of portrait backdrops do you love? Ivy walls are always so classic and lush but mosaics add a fun artistic twist! Hint, hint: the American Visionary Art Museum has both and is one of the most unique venues I’ve ever seen that just happens to be steps away from downtown Baltimore and the waterfront… ;)


Have you considered custom invitations for your wedding? MLC Designs created this elegant and comprehensive suite for our December couple (below) and it was the perfect way to set the tone for their festive winter wedding at the Baltimore Country Club! Programs, napkins, escort cards, drink menus and other reception signage are all additional ways to make a statement with your day of details!


An October wedding at Holly Hedge Estate incorporated a subdued rustic theme while the whimsical vintage invitation by Hello Tenfold (with the fox save the date below) carried a botanical aesthetic throughout the suite for our Richmond, VA couple.

Loving this splash of color in a bright, garden inspired floral invitation suite paired with the floral lace on the bride’s veil! Another floral look focused on a soft romantic feel with Lauren’s lavender and gold invitation suite.


PRO TIP: Want an easy way to bring variety to your bridal look without breaking the bank? Some brides have 2 dresses but even more frequently I’m seeing 2 totally different pairs of shoes and I LOVE IT! Shoes can easily be worn again after your wedding and they’ll make your feet smile when you change into flats to dance the night away! ;)

The hardest part is going to be narrowing down your choices…


First looks! Inside or outside, I LOVE when couples take advantage of them… more time together means more photos before the day gets away from you, more intimate emotions and quiet moments to make memories of just the two of you…

Chuppahs and ceremony backdrops designed with lush flowers and natural elements or more minimally designed with copper tubing to accent a venue full of unique architectural features… which do you prefer?


There are so many creative ways to feed your guests! Oyster bars, mashed potato bars, brunch bars… you dream it, it can be fed to you.


Eleven Courses Catering (below) is one of the most talented caterers I’ve worked with and not only presents their food in artistic and beautiful ways but also ensures it tastes better than you’d ever imagine a catered dinner could taste!


Donut towers, custom cotton candy flavors, cookie tables, smith island cakes, cinnamon rolls… who wants just cake anymore?


Ombre tablescape, anyone? Crimson + Clover Floral Design CRUSHED this one!!


Lighting can make such a difference in a space! When it poured at the end of Lauren + Matt’s wedding, we still were able to go outside for some epic shots on the patio at the Accelerator Space since it was tented and they had hung string lights to enhance the twinkle effect!

At Lauren + Jeff’s Holly Hedge Estate wedding, mother nature played a role in their portraits at the end of the night and I loved the opportunity we had to take advantage of creative lighting in the rain!


Exiting at the end of the night is another way to have fun and create a lasting memory for your guests with sparklers, confetti, bubbles, lanterns or simply a fun getaway car!


Here’s to making your wedding the best celebration it can be, full of as much personality as the two of you!! I’d love to hear from you… leave a comment with some of the unique details and elements you’re thinking of including on your day!

winter holiday soiree at liriodendron mansion | maryland wedding venue

Imagine hundreds of twinkle lights wrapped inside wisteria branches arching over a patio that overlooks 100 acres of exquisite grounds in Harford County… a cozy and chic winter gathering of dear friends inside a Georgian Revival mansion that dates back to 1898…


In early December, we kicked off the holiday season with a festive soirée to remember! Hosted by Caitie Welch of Betty Lou Events and Melissa & Jim Benson, Owners of Eleven Courses Catering at The Liriodendron Mansion, the entire place was filled with magic that only this time of year can bring…


The stately architecture of the historic Liriodendron Mansion in Bel Air, MD provided the perfect backdrop as daylight faded into golden hour and guests began to arrive!


Non-traditional textured magnolia leaves, dark red roses and hand painted gold greenery decked the halls as nearly 40 of the DMV’s best creatives were serenaded while sipping gourmet hot chocolate and festive cocktails on velvet settees. Small bites were wrapped like presents and served in whimsical ways, by servers wearing tartan plaid ties to match the runners in the stunning holiday inspired tablescape.


Directly following cocktails, guests were invited to take their seats; farm tables were set with chic black and white place settings for all to enjoy an incredible 3 course dinner. Each seat was set with a hand lettered ornament and a delicate contemporary menu.


Vendor Team:

Creative Direction: Betty Lou Events
Videographer: Rivion Films
Photography: Urban Row Photography
Menu Design & Catering: Eleven Courses Catering
Tabletop Design: Pretty Little Wedding Co.
Rentals + Styling: Emerald Event Design
Farm Tables + Benches: Barnes Farm Tables
Floral: Steelcut Flower Co. 
Stationery: Ruby the Fox
Lettering + Signage: The Letter Grey
Venue: The Liriodendron Mansion
Pianist: The Concert Truck
Makeup: Chrissy Forbes

video by Nevin Baker for Rivion Films



The Liriodendron is a historic home and estate of one of the four founding physicians of the Johns Hopkins Medical College, Dr. Howard Kelly. Liriodendron is the botanical name for the tulip poplar, many of which can be found around the grounds of this historic property in Bel Air, Maryland.



What makes the Liriodendron Mansion unique?
The Liriodendron is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Purchased in 1890s, the property now consists of approximately 100 acres and a variety of structures: the mansion, a bank barn, a carriage house, a board and batten cottage and 5 other outhouses including a smokehouse and 2 ice houses.

The wisteria arching up to the main facade forms such an elegant setting for portraits and outdoor dining! No matter the wedding season, the architecture and grounds are absolutely breathtaking. Imagine cocktail hour out on the portico under the twinkling lights, a fireplace in every room and entering from the staircase of your dreams…!

How many guests can be accommodated?
Up to 120 people can be accommodated at your event.

Where do guests park?
A large surface parking lot is available on the grounds, just a short walk from the mansion.

How many events are hosted per day?
On Saturdays, one event may occur in the morning and one in the evening. Fridays and Sundays only host one event.

Are there options for smaller, intimate weddings?
Yes! Petite weddings are available during weekday hours and brunch weddings are available on Saturday and Sunday mornings between 8am-12:30pm; both at a discounted rental rate.


How early do couples have access to the space on their wedding day?
Friday weddings choose a 6.5 hour contract time for a 4 hour event. On Saturdays, there is a choice of a 9am-4pm contract time for an event time of 11am-3pm or 4pm-11pm contract time, for an event time of 6-10pm. Additional time can be arranged should it be necessary.

Are there spaces for the bridal party to get ready on site?
Both the bride and groom are able to get ready upstairs in original and separate bedrooms and suites within the mansion.

Do couples have access to the entire facility on their wedding day?
Yes, all rentals enjoy the full use of our mansion and grounds.

Are chairs and tables included with rental of the space?
Chiavari chairs for indoor and outdoor dining and white lawn chairs are included in the rental rates, as well as tables in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Are outside caterers permitted?
There is a list of 11 experienced caterers from which you can choose.

Is a representative from the venue going to be on-site for the duration of the event? 
Yes; a venue manager will be on site from open to close.

What does it cost to host a wedding at The Liriodendron Mansion?
Rates vary depending on the season and day of the week; an introduction to rates can be found here.

Is the facility handicapped accessible?
The first floor is fully accessible.


The Liriodendron Mansion website:
Directions to The Liriodendron Mansion: 502 West Gordon Street, Bel Air, MD 21014
Phone: (410) 879-4424
Contact: Leslie Dohler,