5 tips for a stress-free wedding day

No matter how intimate or lowkey your wedding day plans are, if you’re planning a party and celebration with family/friends from many different seasons of your life, it has the potential to be a stressful, whirlwind experience.


After photographing weddings for the last 7 years, I’ve seen the day organized in so many different ways to learn what works best and what adds stress. In order to ensure your photos and your experience on the big day is the best it can possibly be, I’m happy to share the knowledge I’ve gained for your benefit.


Here are five tips to reduce stress on your wedding day (in no particular order)!

BONUS: if you hire experienced professionals, even the wedding planning process will go more smoothly with these tips for a stress free wedding day in mind!

  1. be strategic about your ceremony start time since it will determine the flow of the rest of the day

If you plan it well, you can have beautiful portraits of the two of you together while you’re relaxed and excited, not feeling rushed and your hair and makeup is still fresh by choosing to see each other before the ceremony and take advantage of all the benefits of a first look. Not only is it quiet, uninterrupted time for just the two of you, but then you can enjoy the entire cocktail hour since you’ve paid for it and deserve to enjoy a drink and apps with your guests! We’ll also be able to focus on alllll the candid photos of you two (and your guests) since the formal portraits have been taken care of: WIN-WIN!

Also, if all of your formal portraits are done before cocktail hour, we can spend quality time in your reception space capturing all of those details (florals, place-settings, cake, escort cards) that will be untouched by guests and their stuff before they find their seats.

For all of our winter couples, please keep this in mind! It’s almost impossible to get gorgeous naturally lit photos of you after the ceremony (if you don’t do a first look beforehand) unless your ceremony starts super early in the day - which means an earlier wake up call and start time for hair/makeup, since the sun sets so early.

2. TRUST your photographer and the creative eye that comes with their experience

…and talk through your vision of the day to help you determine the right kind and amount of photography coverage you need!

Do you need 2 photographers?
Generally speaking, if you and your partner are going to be getting ready at 2 completely different locations, you’ll want 2 photographers otherwise moments may be missed while we’re with your other half.

If you have a large bridal party and/or guest list (120+), you’ll want 2 photographers so we can divide and conquer groomsmen/bridesmaid group portraits and then be sure once the reception begins, that one of us is able to focus on candid shots of guests mingling, reacting to speeches/toasts, dancing, etc. while the other is focused on YOU as a couple and the details you’ve spent so long dreaming of and planning for.

Will 8 hours be enough?
9 hours of coverage is the sweet spot for most couples, especially if your wedding takes place in a city where traffic, road closures, races, festivals can/will happen without advanced notice as we travel from the ceremony to reception!

Do you have a special exit planned for the end of the night? …sparklers, a getaway vehicle, petal toss, beach balls, confetti/streamers, glow sticks are all fun options!

Do you have 2-3 locations that we’ll need to travel to throughout the day? ie: getting ready at a hotel/airBnB/your childhood home, a church/beach/park ceremony then a reception at a different venue?

3. The venue coordinator is NOT the same as an experienced and professional event designer / wedding planner

Hire a professional event planner/coordinator who has your vision and best interests in mind, not the venue’s (and let that close family friend enjoy the day as a guest, despite how much she may enjoy helping you plan and is great at wrangling people)!

If they’ve worked at your venue it’s a bonus, but definitely not necessary. What is necessary is professionalism, good communication skills, and a knowledge of local vendors within the industry that can execute your vision or come through in an emergency. If a planner/coordinator is involved, you may not even know that something happened until you learn about it while on your honeymoon ;) but can you imagine how stressful it will be for you or your family members to troubleshoot if your DJ / officiant / caterer doesn’t show up on time? what if a groomsmen’s pants don’t match the rest of the group and/or 1 set is missing? what if boutonnieres are left at the hotel 45 minutes away? what if there’s a sudden flood / snowstorm? what if the shuttle gets lost and isn’t there on time to transport you, your wedding party and/or all of your guests?

Having a planner on your side means it’s THEIR job to worry and solve any and all of the above circumstances!

4. As much as possible, limit how often people are moving from one venue/site to another

This affects logistics like the amount of time your photographer/videographer are contracted for, extra costs for shuttles/transportation, clear communication to your guests to ensure no one gets lost or arrives late. Couples that choose one site for everything to take place from start to finish are always less stressed and have more time and mental / physical energy to enjoy the day… not to mention, you’ll have more photos of all the moments since your photographers won’t be spending precious time traveling from one place to another either!

5. Do the damn photos… as in, take advantage of and enjoy the time you spend on your engagement photos

I know I’m biased, but I have to say, no one I’ve worked with has ever regretted taking engagement photos. You can read the 6 main reasons why I recommend them HERE, but the reason I mention it as a way to make your wedding day less stressful is because there are so many emotions, thoughts, logistics and personalities coming together that day - the last thing you want to worry about is how to relax and be comfortable in front of the camera. No one should meet the person documenting one of the biggest days of their lives (hopefully it’s me!) for the first time, on their wedding day. In fact, my favorite photos happen when we have a relationship that feels like I’m a friend of yours who happens to show up with a fancy camera. ;) Let all the awkwardness work itself out during your engagement photos, not on your #bestdayever.


Regardless of the flowers, dessert and music, at the end of the day, you’re marrying your soulmate and that is all there is to it. The next day you’ll wake up with a whole new adventure in front of you whether it’s a honeymoon, a new house, a new last name, a new family or simply knowing you’ll always have someone to snuggle next to on the couch while you watch Dateline on Friday nights, because you know, #dontwatchalone. ;)


katie + zach | a bmore licks + fells point engagement

When I first spoke to Katie and Zach, one word kept coming up in the conversation: relational. In all honesty, I’d never heard one of my couples use that word as often as they did. After learning how Zach proposed to Katie, hearing how they finish each other’s sentences, and watching them interact together as we started at Bmore Licks for their engagement session, I immediately got it…


Their upcoming wedding at Rosewood Farms is going to be quite the celebration - after you read more about these two lovebirds below, you’ll understand why!


4 reasons why these Fells Point / Patterson Park locations were so meaningful for Katie + Zach’s Baltimore engagement session:

  1. Ice cream with rainbow sprinkles (Katie’s favorite ice cream topping) was part of Zach’s proposal scavenger hunt which started and ended in Fells Point…

  2. Zach proposed to Katie on the same bench we ended at on Bond Street Pier in Fells Point

  3. It’s their favorite way to spend a Friday night: with a walk by the water, ice cream and cuddles. But Katie also added, “as long as … our two future golden retrievers are there”. (#urbanrowpup love at its best)

  4. This last fact has nothing to do with where we took their engagement photos, but has everything to do with how thoughtful Zach is. He designed and created the wooden ring box he presented to Katie WITH her Dad’s help since he is an incredible woodworker and it was something they could bond over and create together, leading up to the proposal.


Katie radiates joy and Zach described it perfectly: “When Katie smiles, she smiles so much that her eyes close shut.” I believe that they’re both incredibly relational as they highly value thoughtful, meaningful moments and gestures in their relationship and it’s apparent as soon as soon as you are around them.


In Zach’s words, how they met:

“We met early on in college at Johns Hopkins. Katie was the star point guard on the basketball team and I rode the bench on the football team (kidding, sort of). Needless to say, I definitely noticed Katie first. We were both a part of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at Hopkins, and I distinctly remember telling a buddy of mine “she’s my kind of girl”. I was drawn to Katie from the very first moment.


One night while at dinner with FCA, Katie mentioned that she likes to bring a cupcake to friends for their birthdays. I jokingly (read: pleadingly) asked her if she would do the same for me. Katie, being the sweet, relational person that she is, agreed. She was pretty surprised to learn that my birthday was in fact the very next day! I think the fact that Katie actually brought me one the next day is more of a testament to the person she is than any interest she had in me at the time. Needless to say, I like to think it all started with a cupcake.


…during finals week, she let me meet up with her and walk her home from the library every night. I even surprised her with her own cupcake on her birthday. Finally, we went on a few more dates!”


In Katie’s words, how the proposal unfolded:

“Zach made the decision at the end of his third year of medical school to take a year off so that we would be in the same class and would be eligible to apply for a couples match for residency. It was since we made that decision that I knew I wanted to marry this man and he later asked me to marry him in the most perfect proposal ever: a scavenger hunt to all of our favorite places in the city.


[By the end] I was so stinking excited that all I wanted to do was finally see Zach. I was then given the last clue that sent me back down to Fells Point, to a particular park bench overlooking the harbor that Zach and I have sat and talked at many times. Only tonight, our favorite park bench was decorated with jars of lights and looked even more perfect. It was there that Zach got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and with a great big smile on my face, I said “YES”. We had a few minutes to ourselves to just soak in the moment, walking around by the water before finding our hidden photographer who had captured the whole thing. After that, Zach and I went to a nearby bar where so many of our friends, as well as Zach’s family were gathered, many of whom had traveled many hours to celebrate with us. As Zach mentioned, I am a pretty relational person so it meant so much to me that Zach incorporated not only so many of my favorite things, but also so many of our favorite people in the proposal. All I can say is that he set the bar pretty high for himself for any future anniversary or celebration.”


I have loved getting to know you both so far and admire how heartfelt your relationship is. I already have tissues ready and waiting for your wedding day because I know I’m going to be crying all the happy tears throughout the day as you become husband and wife and never have to say goodbye on a Sunday again… I can. not. wait. for your spring wedding at Rosewood Farms!!!


lauren + jeff | sophisticated rustic holly hedge estate wedding

Lauren + Jeff were married at Holly Hedge Estate in New Hope, PA on a warm, drizzly day in October. While the ceremony was planned to be held outside on the brick patio, drizzle forced a move inside to the fieldstone barn at the last minute… which created the most romantic, cozy and intimate feel to their heartfelt vows.


As soft, natural light streamed in through the south wall of windows in the stone barn, we captured the sweetest portraits of the newly married couple and their bridal party in maroon dresses and navy suits.


This Bucks County wedding venue is steeped in history dating back to 1780 and carries with it such a sophisticated, rustic feel to each building and garden space on the property. The country estate, fieldstone barn, pond, brick patio, fountain and natural creek are all incredibly gorgeous backdrops for portraits; it was overwhelming in the best way possible!


As Lauren walked toward Jeff for their intimate and private first look under a willow tree, a few raindrops fell but these two incredibly kind and patient souls, barely noticed anything other than how perfect the day was to be able to celebrate among close friends and family they rarely get to see.


We couldn’t be happier for you, Lauren + Jeff!! And can’t wait to catch up when you come back and visit the East Coast again… maybe drinks where it all began?! Cheers to spending every rainy, cozy night together forever!

vendor team:

venue + catering: Holly Hedge Estate
florals: Mark Bryan Designs
dj: Synergetic Sounds
dress: Theia
boutique: Unbridaled
bridesmaids dresses: Weddington Way
groomsmen attire: Men’s Wearhouse
HMU: Daneene Makeup
invitations: Minted

vendor spotlight: thurman & fig | baltimore wedding florist

When I met Carly of Thurman & Fig at a photoshoot a few years ago, what first caught my eye was the shape of the bouquets and installations she creates. Think lush, organic, wild, textured, edgy and full of love and life… her laid back, approachable personality is so refreshing in this industry and her work honestly speaks for itself!

When she moved into a new studio space in an industrial warehouse building in Baltimore, I had to capture a day in the life of Thurman & Fig team. When I visited, no bouquets were being designed and assembled, but instead, processing and prep for an approaching wedding weekend was underway. If you ask me, spending time with Carly in this raw space during the middle of the week is heavenly… whether blooms are placed in a bouquet or not.


What led you to begin a business in floral design?

I never anticipated it. A few years after studying at SCAD, I worked under the Anthropologie umbrella for about 6 years in various management roles before switching over to their sister brand, Free People for 2 years. That is where things got started - in both realms, but Anthropologie mostly, I learned entirely new skill sets that furthered my development in craft, building, composition, and resourcefulness, all the while learning how to run a business. "No" was never really an option there, so you figured out how to make it happen no matter what. The tenacity and experience I gained from that really provided a pathway for me.

Anthropologie held "Birthday Events" regularly and that is where the details came into play, including starting to work with fresh flowers. One of my employees at the time noticed this and asked if I could do the florals for her sister’s wedding. I absolutely had zero idea of what I was doing but it sounded awesome so I was going to make it happen - even if that meant literally moving into a new house that same weekend (it worked out, we were able to use the old house to set up while the new house had stacks of untouched boxes until I got through this wedding). From there, the rest is history and I thank that past Anthro employee any time I see her for seeing something in me that I wouldn't have seen in myself.


What is your favorite aspect about working with clients?

The trust factor. We don't do a whole lot of advertising or preferred vendor lists at venues because ultimately, our clients should be finding us. Yes, I want to make the process easier for them but I also think our style is something they should gravitate towards on their own and not because it is on a list somewhere or in a magazine. When they do find us and we nail down the look they want, I love when they give us our creative freedom from there to essentially make them their own 3-dimensional art form.


What is one piece of advice you'd share with couples to keep in mind during the wedding planning process?

I will give you a concrete piece of advice and a fluffy one.

Concrete: Even if it means taking away from your floral budget, get a coordinator! Even if it is just a "day of", this will save your sanity, your family's sanity, and your vendor's sanity. Worth every penny so you can enjoy your wedding and let them help handle anything out of your control.

Fluffy: At the end of the day when all the craziness of planning your wedding ensues, remember this: It is a privilege to have found a love so powerful that you want to celebrate it in this way. It is a privilege to be able to celebrate it in this way. Anything after that is fairy dust.


What makes your work and business, different from other florists?

For starters, I feel like such a rookie! We haven't been doing it for THAT long and I have so much to learn. I really look up to the other florists in the area and think they have a lot to offer. It takes a village and I know we certainly can't say yes to all the wedding submissions we get, so I like to focus on not being different from other florists necessarily, but working together to be able to help every client we come across. It is ultimately up to the couple from there to make sure they choose the florist that speaks to them most.


What is your favorite color palette or type of flower to work with?

I love neutrals personally but I'm not talking ivory neutral here. My house is all neutral and muted with more focus on texture than bold colors or prints and the studio tends to be that way too. Greys, camel browns, muted pinks, taupe, soft whites, with lots of green plants have my whole heart in an interior space, so it is no surprise that it is my dream flower color palette too.


Where do you find inspiration?

I inadvertently go towards textural dried grasses and greens and I think that is largely due to spending so much time running around the bay/marsh/ocean of where I grew up in Lewes and Rehoboth Beach Delaware. That is also why although the majority of our work is in and around Baltimore, we still take bookings in Delaware because it gives me a chance to visit home. Need driftwood or phragmite for an installation piece? Trust me, I'll be kayaking out and up to my knees in marsh mud foraging it in no time and with absolute pleasure to be in an element that once was a huge part of my childhood. I think that is what makes us a bit more rare because the juxtaposition of natural elements mixed in with the grit of our city, tells a story of all it's own.


What do you love most about your studio space?

We are located in an industrial warehouse in Greektown, Baltimore and the building is full of artists. Woodworkers, painters, sculptures, puppeteers, photographers, etc and everyone just gets each other. We are all there, making our craft, working long and weird hours, being a little introverted and focused. I love it.


Where would you go if you were planning your honeymoon right now?

Ha, vacation on the mind? Probably Lisbon Portugal, any part of Fiji or Thailand. Or the Netherlands, Denmark, Iceland too. So I guess that would make it about a 3 month honeymoon which is totally realistic.


Favorite recent read or must-watch series on Netflix?

Reading hasn't been happening lately and it isn't the fault of the book I am in the middle of. I will blame it on the great series that play in the summer months. Ever since Weeds hit Showtime when I was younger, I always look forward to a dry, dark humored series in the summer months when you just need to cool off at night in your living room and veg out.
I am really into sci-fi right now I suppose including The OA, Stranger Things 3 (who isn't), and the Handmaid's Tale because that story is every part horrifying and important to watch or read.

Any exciting upcoming projects or collaborations we should be on the look out for?

We are starting to conceptualize the idea of holding workshops in our studio after our busy fall season and right in time for the holidays. In no particular order, we will most likely hold a bouquet class, centerpiece class, and a terrarium class at some point. Stay tuned for that!

Thanks so much to Carly and her team (plus Brown Dog, #urbanrowpup)! I can’t wait to continue to work together on future weddings, photoshoots and all things natural with the perfect touch of city grit. Be sure to follow her work on Insta for all the floral inspo!

sneak peeks | lynn + nick's intimate summer wedding at wyndridge farm

“we are a little weird and life’s a little weird,
and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours,
we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness
and call it love.” ~Dr. Seuss

Nick’s sister read this quote as she officiated their ceremony under a bright blue sky on the steps of the outdoor chapel at Wyndridge Farm on Saturday. Their love story began the old-fashioned way, online… ;) and Lynn “knew Nick was special on our first date. He was socially oblivious, but sweet, very handsome, and most importantly, smart.”

They designed and created so many of the details for their wedding, namely the cakes and flowers which aren’t easy to do yourself, but they blew me away. The way Lynn lights up whenever Nick’s by her side is my favorite part of their relationship - such genuine joy, kindness, respect, a sense of humor and solid teamwork kicked off the start of their marriage!

Enjoy these early sneak peeks of Lynn + Nick’s Wyndridge Farm summer wedding!


Lynn’s bouquet was exclusively garden roses in every shade of pink and it was so lush, full and fluffy. I love garden roses for all their layers upon layers of gorgeous texture! It was such a pretty look for an outdoor summer wedding against the chic and simple timelessness of her off-the-shoulder Theia wedding dress from Garnish Boutique.


I also couldn’t get over her pearl cathedral veil - it was so elegant, dotted with pearls of different sizes throughout the entire length.


Based on their obsession with the Great British Baking Show (which made it’s way into their vows too) and all things sweets, you know their marriage is off to an incredible start when the groom designs, creates and bakes the wedding cake AND 12 other mini cakes. MIC DROP. He just wanted cakes that look and taste good, so why not?!


The mini cakes were the centerpieces at each table - I love this idea because it’s not only functional, but gorgeous and uniquely personalized to them! It also allowed guests to be an interactive part of the cake cutting since they each had a table cake to cut and enjoy right away. LOVE IT.


During the mother son dance, Nick picked his mom up and twirled her around the dance floor… cue all the happy tears! Lynn and her mom danced a waltz together that was so beautifully choreographed and full of never-ending smiles as they floated around the spacious dance floor.


With District Remix keeping the energy high and the dance moves epic, this was a party that didn’t want to end! Speaking of epic, we had to head outside for one final shot at the end of the night - rain or not, it’s so much fun to sneak away for a few minutes to make magic outside before the night is over!


Cheers to you, newlyweds!! We are SO happy and honored to have captured these memories for you and wish you all the bowls and bags of candy your happy hearts desire now that the wedding is over and wedding diets are a distant memory! ;)

vendor team:

venue: Wyndridge Farm
dress: Theia, Eve dress
boutique: Garnish Boutique
bridesmaid dress: BHLDN
shoes: Michael Kors, Simone sandals
rings: Brilliant Earth
groom and groomsmen custom suits: Indochino
DJ: District Remix
officiant: Lauren Lamp, groom’s sister
invitation, decor, signage, favors, flowers, cakes: bride and groom

sneak peeks | rachel + hale's kent island wedding at maria's love point

Rachel + Hale’s wedding was my first on Kent Island and wow… it set the bar as high as you can imagine. Between the picture perfect June wedding weather, a private first look on the beach, a ceremony full of so many family and friends out on the lawn, a poolside cocktail hour and sunset photos on the dock, I really don’t think they could have asked for a better day (and location) to celebrate their love!


To give you a taste of what makes this adoring couple so special, here’s how they answered… “what's your favorite thing about your fiancé?”

“I don’t know where to start with this question. If there weren’t a million reasons, we wouldn’t be engaged. Hale is my support, my reason to better myself, and my other half. We fill the gaps that the other cannot on a day-to-day basis. He is intelligent, kind almost to excess, and has a super power that gets people to open up to him where they normally wouldn’t. We each need each other.”

Hale’s answer: “I’m not allowed to answer that right now. It’s pretty much my vows word for word. I agree with everything Rachel said. :)”


Their father daughter first look and his expression was simply priceless! Such pride…


I’ll never forget how Rachel responded when we said to just enjoy each other and this moment, right before he saw her for the first time… “you won’t have a problem getting us to smile…”

Is their joy and love for each other not the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen?! She was absolutely right though… these lovebirds just wanted to snuggle up, get cozy and enjoy every minute of their wedding day, together. Which is exactly what I love about our couples! Photos are a huge priority. Rather than focus on the details and mingling during cocktail hour, Rachel + Hale prioritized portraits: of them, their families and their friends, out by the water.


Do you see this sky?! Cotton candy skies at golden hour are my FAVORITE. I couldn’t believe how perfect the light was! Not only at the dock but then turning the opposite direction, the pale peachy glow along the rocks and grassy hill was just as beautiful too. Weddings at Maria’s Love Point are so picturesque with so many different places to explore for portraits. It was a match made in heaven for a couple that wanted nothing more than intimate, heartfelt meaning to their day.


When Rachel’s sister, the Maid of Honor, surprised them with the shoe game as part of her speech, the whole tent was roaring in laughter. They had the best matching answers, every time and of course both answered “me!” to the question of who loves the other most.


Here’s to a lifetime of love, laughter, and exploring all the medieval castles together! Congratulations again, newlyweds!!!

vendor team:

venue: Maria’s Love Point Bed & Breakfast
planning + design: The Otherside Creatives
hair: Lauren Riesett
makeup: Attomic Cupcake
cake: Sugarbakers Cakes
catering: Windows on the Bay, Dennis Walz
DJ: My Deejay
florals: Petal Pusher
officiant: Carole Kerr

sneak peeks | marissa + brooks' sage green and navy musket ridge wedding

Marissa and Brooks’ wedding day was so effortlessly elegant, colorful and classic all at the same time… these two are just so photogenic, so in love and so sweet in the way they care for each other and their close friends and family.

Having both attended Stevenson University, their wedding party was so much fun and full of energy! Celebrating years of friendships, siblings, a love of baseball (and hot dogs) and ALL the good weather we could have asked for at Musket Ridge Golf Club just outside Frederick, I don’t think I’m alone when I say I didn’t want the day to end… don’t miss the final shot of the night, showing off their late night snack choice at the end of this post!

If you haven’t already, you need to see how Marissa’s love of bright colors, dogs and golden sunlight started at their engagement session (where her ring nestled among sage green leaves just happens to be a perfect connection to the bridesmaids dress color from their wedding day that I had no idea about months earlier…) LOVE when the little details all relate and form one cohesive aesthetic like that! Kinda like we always planned it… ;)


I love the color scheme Marissa chose: Show Me Your Mumu dresses in sage green with bright pops of pink, coral and orange bouquets surrounded by eucalyptus leaves and greenery. Simple, elegant, vibrant and modern!


Brooks plays, coaches, lives and breathes all things baseball, so baseball themed groomsmen gifts were obviously going to be part of their day. These personalized baseball bat mugs (from Lumberlend Co. ) with each groomsmen’s name and role at the wedding were so fun to see being used while they got ready!


Love when brides embrace comfort and wear Kate Spade Keds in white glitter as their all-day wedding shoes! Perfect for a golf club wedding and outdoor ceremony with lots of steps down to the aisle! :)


Marissa, you are A VISION! Is it just me or does this bridal portrait look like something out of a magazine?


I loved this series of dances with Marissa and all of the important men in her life!


Their reception was filled with so much energy among their favorite people! Catoctin Hall at Musket Ridge created such a picturesque backdrop filled with natural light, a gorgeous fireplace behind their sweetheart table and once the sun went down, glow sticks and a hot dog bar (!) to end the night. This fun-loving couple threw quite an epic party!!


I hope you’re enjoying the bright and beautiful water views and soaking up the sun on your honeymoon - you deserve all the happiness in the world! Enjoy your new Mr. + Mrs. status, lovebirds!! #itsmillertime ;)

vendor team:

venue: Musket Ridge Golf Club
photography: Urban Row Photography
videography: Lee Russell Films
florals: Blossom and Basket Boutique
DJ: Wizer Productions
officiant: Wade Keenan
hair: Heather Rea Style Studio
makeup: Lenne Parr
dress: Stella York
boutique: Posh Bridal
shoes: Kate Spade Keds
bridesmaid dresses: Show Me Your Mumu
groomsmen attire: Capital Custom Clothiers
groomsmen gifts: Lumberlend Co.
personalized canvas ‘guestbook’: Miss Design Berry
donuts: Sweet & Savory Bake Shop
transportation: On the Town Limousines
invitations: Minted Weddings

sneak peeks | tessa + marshall's anchor inn wedding

Tessa and Marshall are two of the most lighthearted, joyful, playful, genuine, sweet, carefree and head-over-heels-in-love couples we’ve had the pleasure of capturing!

Their wedding was full of the most beautiful scenery to compliment Tessa’s golden glow, vibrant red hair and Marshall’s beaming smile. Getting ready at an Airbnb not far from the Anchor Inn, we suggested doing their first look along this wooded drive, with so much beautiful, diffuse and soft light shining through the trees. It was PERFECTION and set the tone for even more incredible moments throughout the day along the waterfront and docks during golden hour!


The romance and dreaminess of this moment is one of my favorites of their entire reception! Their first dance song was ‘I get to love you’ by Ruelle and I definitely cried happy tears behind my camera. The lyrics are so good!


And then we recreated the magic outside on the pier…


Cheers, cuties!!! Have the best time on your honeymoon in Greece!

vendor team:

venue: The Anchor Inn

catering: Catering by Uptown

videography: Harrison Films

florals: Calla Designs, Vivian Eng

DJ: Rick Miller

Wedding dress: Casablanca Bridal

Boutique: Potomac Bridals

Bridesmaid Dresses: The Dessy Group

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Invitations: Simply to Impress

sneak peeks | emily + joe's intimate fells point wedding

Emily + Joe's wedding was filled with so much love, laughter and BRIGHT sunshine... which was much deserved after Emily had emergency appendix surgery only 4 days before this!

Planning a wedding from afar is no easy feat and these two had quite their share of curveballs thrown at them over the last year, but Emily had the best attitude about it all and now they're FINALLY newlyweds!

The ceremony took place on Bond Street Pier overlooking the Domino Sugar plant and the historic industrial backdrop of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. I'm overjoyed to share these sneak peeks with you from their intimate wedding at The Inn at Henderson's Wharf!


This floral arch by Floral Impressions perfectly framed the ceremony view to show off so much of Baltimore’s charm!


Can we take a minute to admire Emily and Joe’s sense of style and classic elegance??? His paisley suit paired with the polka dot bowtie and her veil detail… both so rich in texture and pattern, I can’t even!