believe in capturing your love story as it unfolds • want all the boxer puppies • make anyone and everyone, comfortable in front of the camera • eat pancakes like it’s my job • am inspired by good design • believe anything worth doing is worth doing right • love city life: walking everywhere is my favorite • honeymooned in Fiji (best splurge ever!) • smile often, and laugh more.


make your own rules (and you should - on your wedding day especially) • sometimes eat dessert first (so do I) • spoil your furbaby • make lists upon lists… sometimes just to cross things off • crave a fun night out, but also really love being at home together • are excited for the wedding but most excited for your life as a married couple to officially begin • love your people fiercely • smile often, and laugh more…

sound familiar? let's do this!

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Check out some behind-the-scenes footage from Rivion Weddings capturing what it’s like when I have a camera in hand during an open house at Haven Street Ballroom (sister venue to Main Street Ballroom) …lots of smiles and laughs while you show off those best life feels... ;)


my Storytelling style

Originally from New York (but proud of the lack of an accent!), I moved to Baltimore in 2005 after falling in love with Charm City during my first drive through Fells Point.

My passion for storytelling and working with couples on the biggest day of their lives was brought about through my first love of architecture and design. Where you met, had your first date, work, live, were proposed to… most enjoy spending time together, fave coffee shop, happy hour spot... they all add up to make your story different than anyone else’s.

That’s what I enjoy showcasing in my work! It’s hard to extract architecture from your life and love, and I can’t wait to show you why your photos will be best when we work together!

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I've been incredibly lucky to see what strong marriages and deep bonds do for a family, a community, and an outlook on life… I'm definitely a glass half full kinda person if you couldn't already tell!

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