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As we're in the midst of a long holiday weekend, I hope you're spending it in one (or more!) of 3 ways:

  1. among family and friends
  2. outdoors
  3. enjoying BBQ goodness + s'mores. gotta have s'mores as we officially welcome summer, amiright?!

Bonus if you're doing all of those things more than once this weekend! Rain in the forecast? Put on your rainboots, go dance in the puddles and then make some lemonade.


Spending time outdoors with family + friends is one of my fondest childhood memories! Concerts in the park, backyard BBQ's, days spent in and out of our pool... so, when thinking about Mother's Day earlier this year, I wanted to host a workshop at a gorgeous, local outdoor spot that would allow Moms + daughters + sisters to relax, enjoy fresh air, picturesque views AND take home a physical memory of their time together. :)


Butterbee Farm was of course, the perfect place for all of those important elements to come together!


I can't say enough about how fun it is to be around Laura Beth, such a passionate yet down-to-earth small business owner. Learn more about Butterbee Farm here and here! The blooms that Laura Beth and her husband Jascha produce on the grounds of their flower farm are so vibrant, gorgeous and life-giving...


Each group of attendees made their own potted succulent (because how ADORABLE are succulents?!), took a tour of the farm, and had a mini photoshoot with 8x10 prints of their choosing, to ensure they each have a printed photo of their beautiful and loving selves, together forever and ever. Because let's be honest, if you're anything like me, photos of you and your Mom are priceless, but there could also always be more. The last portrait I have with mine is from my wedding... almost 9 years ago! :-/

These ladies were all so stylish, loving and sweet! I'm honored to have been able to spend the honorary Mother's Day with you all!


Last but certainly not least is this little team... who completely stole my heart!!!


I hope you all had a Mother's Day filled with relaxation, joy, and lots of fun, quality time together taking photos with the woman who made you who you are today!! :)

Stay tuned for more workshops in the future! I'd love to hear your ideas too. Shout 'em out in the comments section and maybe you'll get a free ticket if we choose your location. ;)

ps - is anyone else still struggling with the fact that May is over? How are we almost halfway through 2017?! I'll be right back... I need to call my Mom.

xo, Naomi