jessica + sean | a marvel themed captain america engagement

There’s something about a college love story that gets me every time!! After seven years of dating, Sean proposed to Jess while on an Alaskan Cruise with both of their families…


While planning their engagement shoot, they wanted something out of the box that celebrated one of their many fandoms (they love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and all things Marvel!). Years ago, Sean had gifted his bride-to-be with Marvel's Peggy Carter's signature red fedora. That iconic hat became the inspiration for this Marvel comics engagement shoot that I can’t wait to share with you!


Having met while playing soccer at Stevenson University, Jessica and Sean were in the same year and each played for the college team. They started off as friends and were best friends for two years before they started dating in December of our senior year and have been together ever since!


A demolished industrial Baltimore warehouse was THE perfect backdrop for their Captain America and Peggy Carter themed love story; even though THIS warehouse was destroyed on purpose to make way for a new restaurant, the scenery was totally reminiscent of the buildings brought to rubble during any given Marvel scrap. These two will definitely be together "Till the End of the Line…”


I’ll let Jessica describe how the proposal took place because it’s TOO good not to share!


”Sean and I were on vacation with our families on a cruise in Alaska. At this point, we had been dating for almost seven years and knew we planned on getting married someday so I had a feeling that it was a proposal was a possibility on the trip. He waited until the last day of the trip and I hadn't really thought about the potential proposal for the whole trip. It was his sister's birthday and we were at sea the entire day. After lunch, he got me to his parents room under the ruse that we were doing presents for his sister, Alex, there. This was not unusual for them and I just went along with it. I was just in sweat pants and when we got to the room, I wasn't thinking why Sean had a key. He explained his parents were bringing Alex and we needed to hide out on the balcony to surprise her. Sean started to open the balcony door and was seeming to struggle, so rolling my eyes, I just opened it for him. We step onto the balcony and he says, "Weird, why are there only two glasses with the champagne?" And then when I turned around, he was kneeling and said that he loved me and asked will I marry him. I was surprised but I answered, "Sure" said in the same way Rebel Wilson says in Bridesmaids. I'm not quite sure why, but it's a joke we say all the time and I apparently thought it was an appropriate response! I followed the "Sure" with a yes as well. When Sean tells this story, he says that the best lie is one that is based in truth. He got me to the room all with lies that could easily have been true and not until he was kneeling did I even realize what was happening!”


Congratulations cuties, we can not wait for you to exchange the fedora for a veil and get married under the stars in an incredible backyard reception at your childhood home!!!


planning + event styling by Sentimental Fools Events, as featured on Offbeat Bride!