julie + joe | federal hill park sunset engagement

as soon as I met Julie + Joe over coffee and we chatted for almost 2 hours, I knew they were my people: dog people, pizza and beer first date people, from the same hometown but didn't discover it until years later people and lovers of Ellicott City's historic, industrial spaces people!

*fun fact* Anthony and I had our first date over beer and pizza on Cross St. in Federal Hill too... back when Pub Dog was called Thirsty Dog! does anyone remember that? 

so when Julie suggested starting our time together at Crossbar in Federal Hill, I couldn't have been more excited! we were next door to Pub Dog, they got to enjoy some liquid courage and the casual, fun vibe combined with incredible natural light started everything off perfectly!


but my favorite part of their story is how they met! for that, I'm going to let Julie tell you in her own words...

"Joe and I met after his infamous first line: "hey, are you my appendix? because I don't understand how you work but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out" which was a little gross, but mostly endearing and got me talking! We soon realized that we were from the same hometown, grew up in the same church, went to rival high schools, and had countless mutual connections in our small community in Carroll County. Our first date was at Pub Dog in Federal Hill where we talked for hours and quickly set up a second date. Everything with Joe just felt right from the very first day."


After Crossbar, it was time to head to the hill with the best sunset view in town... Federal Hill park, you have m'heart! Especially when it meant Toby tagged along for the golden hour glow - bowtie and all, this little fella was such a good boy! heads up to all of my future #urpcouples, bringing your furbabies along with you is the BEST way to make sure you have photos as a family AND relax at the same time... 


I also can't get over their proposal story... I love how Joe planned the perfect timing at a perfect place to start a lifetime of "their thing"!

"Joe proposed at the entrance to the Smithsonian National Zoo just as the sun was setting and the Christmas lights were coming into view. We had been there the year before and loved it so much that we decided it was going to be a tradition and "our thing." In the weeks leading up to it I thought it was for sure where and when he was going to propose, but in the few days before I was convinced he hadn't had the time to get the ring or ask my parents, so I talked myself out of the hype. Little did I know he had not only picked up the ring that week, but had gone over to my parents house the night before , pulling them from the holiday party they were attending. I had NO idea and was totally shocked when he got down on one knee. We were able to walk back down through all of the Christmas lights at the zoo in a cloud of bliss and go to dinner out in our future home city."

How incredible is that ring?!?! And can I just tell you how many amazing spots there are atop Federal Hill park? We had that huge green grassy field all to ourselves!


I'm officially in love with jewel-toned flowy dresses... and fierce looks. Oh, and laughing about all of that with your best friend as the sky turns pink! ...GOALS.


You two are destined for an amazing life in Denver and I can't wait to catch up soon as we prep for your Main Street Ballroom wedding this December! Give Toby hugs for me!