geer tree farm | griswold, CT wedding | vito + ali

Golden light, incredible views and an abundance of love filled the air at The Overlook at Geer Farm as Vito + Ali were married. Everything about their day was unique and completely breathtaking. I had the pleasure of being a guest at their wedding...a guest who was so glad to have brought my camera with me. :) Vito is my brother-in-law and even though they just got married this year, I've never known Vito without Ali. I still remember their college graduation weekend at Vassar like it was last month. Ali is one of the sweetest and most genuine people you'll ever meet. Vito is smart, funny, thoughtful and with his twin brother Steven (who is getting married in 2 weeks!), makes every family gathering incredibly entertaining.

Vito managed to weave Ali's gorgeous red hair, getting older together and the Periodic Table of Elements into one of the best speeches I've ever heard:

"Did you know that titanium alloy is significantly stronger than true titanium? And do you know why? When they make titanium alloy, they add 6% aluminum, Al...and 4% vanadium, V...

Aging and life are corrosive; and it will eventually wear us both out. But that's where our bond will bring us value. Together, we two elements form an alloy that's entirely corrosion resistant.

Al, you complete me." :)

The way they make each other smile is contagious and so heartwarming. You may remember their smiles from their engagement session I photographed back when we still had snow on the ground!

You two are so strong in not only your bond and love for each other, but of love for your family and friends as well. It was my honor to be a part of your day and the official start of your married life together. We love you both so much and wish you a fully corrosion resistant life ahead. ;)