sarah + will | patapsco state park | baltimore engagement session

I love meeting new couples as much as I love discovering new places to photograph. Oh, and I love dog people. Sarah and Will's engagement session encompassed all of that, so it was pretty much the best thing ever.

In November, they travelled all the way up from North Carolina to have their photographs taken in advance of their upcoming wedding (in 2 weeks!). The wedding will be at Quiet Waters Park, right on the water near Annapolis. We agreed on Patapsco State Park for their engagement shoot since a wooded area with access to water was their ideal location and Sarah's family used to go this specific park all the time while growing win!

More often than not, the couples I photograph aren't used to being in front of the camera and are a bit nervous. I don't blame them - I remember when Anthony and I had our engagement photos's nervewracking...where do I put my hands? does this pose make my neck look weird (since I tend to contort my neck for some odd reason in every photograph, thinking I look better but in reality looking so silly!)? did I just blink? does my smile look forced since I've had to smile almost consecutively for the last 23 minutes? Anyway, I can tell you that Sarah and Will are incredibly photogenic and needed barely any coaching from me other than where to stand for the best light. This was definitely one of my favorite engagement sessions to date and they are complete model material, wouldn't you agree?! :) Seriously, watching them warmed my heart; they are completely adorable and their love is so genuinely sweet.

I just love how they look at each other with such admiration and pure joy.

This is a perfect example of why I highly encourage all couples to get in front of the camera before their big day: it allows you to become confident while we photograph you from a variety of different angles and it allows us to learn what poses work best to capture you naturally and in the moment. And, most importantly it's a fun way to document your love in an informal, casual setting!

How gorgeous and memorable is her engagement ring?!

May 30 will be here SO soon and we can not wait to photograph your wedding! You're going to be a stunning couple and your day promises to be nothing short of amazing amongst all of your family and friends with a backdrop of water and woods!